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Research shows that training supported by coaching has a significantly 

greater (75% or more) chance of being effective.

By combining my skills as a consultant, which includes many years of management, leadership, supervision, and training, with my experience as a coach, you get a seasoned professional with the agility and skills to meet your diverse needs. 

Please get in touch to see how I can help!

No matter if you want to develop yourself, your top talent or support someone who is struggling, professional development coaching can build strengths, awareness, and skills to move the coachee forward. 

Are you a new coach? Do you want to become a coach? With several years of experience in developing coaches by giving regular, actionable feedback aligned with the ICF core coaching competencies, I can help you get started on your coaching journey and/or move to the next level. 

First year college students are at greatest risk for not re-enrolling after the first year. Traditional support systems aren't equipped to handle many of the adjustments a student goes through outside of the classroom. Coaching offers confidential support from the time the student is accepted into college through their first year.

While all coaching is "life coaching", the most commonly-known form of life coaching is to make headway in an area that is much more personal to you such as relationships, goal-setting, relieving frustration, parenting etc. Coaching is coaching regardless of the topic so it's all fair game!

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