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"Polly puts her heart and soul into everything that she does. As a coach and a mentor, Polly is insightful, compassionate and inspiring. She doesn't shy away from the tough questions and works hard to hold herself and others accountable to their potential." 

- Sarah M., Professional Development Coaching Client

Professional Development Coaching

Coaching creates opportunities for employees by engaging with a neutral person to work with over time in order to develop skills, create awareness, find new paths, or achieve goals. Coaching is an investment in employees and in yourself as it often puts the client on the fast-track to success at reaching his or her goals.

Example of a Coaching Process for Professional Development

Together we will work toward your desired outcome over 5 - 6 months. Through a series of bi-monthly, 60-90 minute coaching sessions, supported by email check-ins, and reinforced with real-time action steps and activities, I will help you create your path to success! I will be by your side throughout my five step coaching process which I will customize for you:

Understand the Current State: Together we will determine your strengths, obstacles, competencies and opportunities for growth. We will get clarity on what you want to achieve through coaching. This process will help us to create an actionable roadmap to meet you where you are and guide you to where you and your organization need you to be. Don't worry! This phase doesn't last for long! Once we've got the information we need, we will move on to the next step.

Build your Toolkit: Using the roadmap we’ve created, we will hone in on what is holding you back. You will develop the competencies to both foster continual growth and sustain its success while ensuring alignment with your values.

Develop Your Plan: Using your new tools, we will create a customized plan to address specific challenges and opportunities, and leverage your strengths. We will address foundational issues before moving to higher level approaches. You will know where you are in the growth cycle at all times. With your newly minted skills, you will grow, develop and thrive with your thoughtful engagement in this process.

Implementation: You will launch your action plan with confidence and support as we continue our work together. Through this implementation phase, you will prove and adjust strategies while exercising your skills with your team.

Evaluate & Recalibrate: As a successful and intentional coachee, you will continually assess your progress and recalibrate as needs and goals grow and change. You will wrap up this program knowing how and when to make adjustments to your methods. You will also have clear strategies to select create awareness around potential stumbling blocks and how to remove or avoid them. You will be confident that you are on the road to success!

Not ready to commit to a long-term program? I get it! Let's complete a FREE consultation to determine if my coaching style is suited to your needs. Please click the "schedule now" button to schedule a consultation.

Embracing & Leveraging the Feedback Cycle

  • Does the word "feedback" create instant knots in your stomach? 
  • Do you put off difficult conversations because just thinking about it causes your hands to sweat? 
  • Have you experienced a "feedback flop!" that just added fuel to the fire rather than getting the results you had hoped for? 
  • Have you held on to pieces of feedback until it came tumbling out in a giant heap that was far too big for either of you to process or manage? 
  • Have you chosen to ignore an issue so you could avoid giving a challenging employee feedback all while hoping that the problem employee would just move on so you wouldn't have to deal with it?

You are not alone!

How do I know? Because I did and felt every one of those things! I remember those days all too well. But with the guidance of some incredible mentors (covert coaches), I realized that I wasn't doing anyone any favors by piling/blasting/delaying/avoiding feedback so I learned a better way. I can help YOU learn a better way too!

It IS possible to have difficult conversations with ease and confidence! I can't promise that you'll never be nervous but I will teach you how to check your nerves to see where they are coming from and if they are an indication of something amiss. Giving effective, actionable feedback that lands well with the recipient takes practice but once you master this crucial management skill, you can often end up getting a "Thank you!" at the end of the conversation. I have experienced that as well - many times!

Your ELFC program includes:

  • One 50 minute coaching session during which I will help you identify the source of your feedback paralysis.
  • At least three (3) tried and true elements to the feedback process that will help you step into your next difficult conversation with confidence and skills to make it a more positive and rewarding experience for both of you.
  • A custom-designed "Preparing for a difficult conversation" booklet and worksheet.
  • Weekly email support for up to one month following your coaching session.


Please get in touch to see how I can help!

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