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I really appreciated how it felt like you were talking to ME even though there were 75 other people in the room. You understood my frustrations and challenges without ever having met me before and helped me see that there IS something that I can do about it. I am not stuck because I have choices!

Ellen R. - Developing Your Leadership Presence Workshop participant

My Consulting Services

Customized sessions in either a training (I do most of the talking) or workshop (participants roll up their sleeves and work through the material) are available which cover a variety of leadership development, management skill, communication, and coaching topics.

Sometimes something just isn't working either with a team member or within a team and an outside perspective is the most efficient means of getting to the heart of the issue. My role is to understand the current dynamic, create a plan for resolution, and, if appropriate, put the resolution into action.

Synergistic engagement amongst team members is essential in order to keep all eyes on the mission and goals. When teams malfunction, projects derail, deadlines are missed, and people get frustrated. Team-building can become an organic part of your operation so that it doesn't distract from your daily work but enhances it!

Whether it's a women's group, a rotary club, a sports team, a conference audience, non-profit board, remote team..., sharing my experiences and insights from my professional path has sparked conversation, ideas, and inspiration that resonates with the audience. Let's talk to see if what I have to share might be of interest to your group!

Please get in touch to see how I can help!

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