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Polly is open, objective and a very active listener. She enables her clients to think on their own and come to conclusions without pressure for an outcome. Always inquisitive, Polly works with you to come to find your own way and problem solve independently. Polly has a calming presence and provides a comfortable space in which to talk freely and without judgment.

Lisa T. - Coaching Client

My take on "Life" Coaching

Have you ever had someone ask you one or two questions so powerful that they led you to an answer that so profoundly changed how you saw things that you couldn't ignore it? Life Coaching (and all coaching, really) is about having some​one who is a neutral party with 'no pony in the race' so to speak, who asks questions, doesn't assert their judgment or will upon you, and helps you move forward toward your self-determined success. The difference between "life" coaching and professional development or other forms of coaching is that the topic a client comes to a coach for is typically within their personal life. 

People ask me who I prefer to work with in my Life Coaching practice and  although there isn't one particular type of person, there is one sentiment that absolutely resonates with me as a person, a woman, and a coach... If you have ever said, "I can't do this like this for one more second. I HAVE to find a new way. I refuse to let the rest of my life be like this!" then let's talk! 

After many years of feeling like an imposter in my own life, one day I woke up and said to myself, "I'm DONE with feeling like I'm not good enough to stand up straight and do what I want, be who I want to be, and not feel shame in any of it. I'm moving forward no matter what!" I worked with a friend who is a coach and in a very short time, I saw myself and my life very differently and could never fall back into the old way that I had been doing and seeing things again. Coaching had a profound impact on my life and I deeply enjoy helping others have similar experiences.

There's an adage that strikes the heart of what I do and why I do it... "Old ways don't open new doors". Without new doors, it's the same four walls. The same scenery. The same people. The same influences. The same experiences. And for me, that just wasn't enough. I need doors and windows and skylights and secret tunnels and all that come with them in my life. If you do too, call me. I want you to find the doors (and more) also!

"Damn! Those questions are still rumbling around in my head and bringing up new things. Wow. This is amazing!" 

- Jack M., Life Coaching Client

Life Coaching

If you were heading out on vacation and knew that there was a short-cut that could get you to that beach or ski lodge or retreat center (or whatever your perfect vacation looks like) more quickly, you'd take it. Right? What if that short-cut also included incredible scenery you hadn't seen before? This is sounding better and better, right? Welcome to coaching!

Coaching accelerates your efforts to get to your desired destination!

Coaching is coaching when it comes to topics but some examples of the types of Life Coaching that I have experience with include: 

  • Taking back control of your life
  • Marriage/relationship
  • Goal-setting
  • Dating
  • Family dynamics
  • Parenting
  • Teen and young adult development
  • Career planning/change
  • Retirement planning 
  • ... and more!

Not ready to commit to a long-term program? I get it! Let's complete a FREE consultation to determine if my coaching style is suited to your needs. Please click the "schedule now" button to schedule a consultation.

Please get in touch to see how I can help!

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