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"Polly is quite possibly the best communicator I have ever encountered. She has the ability to reframe undesirable news in a way that makes the recipient want to achieve success. Her poise, knowledge, and commitment to students and staff alike made her an effective leader of the organization." - Sherri C.

Polly Goddard​ - CPC, ACC

Certified Professional Coach - Gestalt International Study Center

Associate Certified Coach - International Coach Federation 

I am a certified* professional coach trained by the Gestalt International Study Center and I hold my Associate Certified Coach credential from the International Coach Federation (considered the Gold Standard in coaching). This means that I have pursued and completed a set of rigorous standards set by both organizations to demonstrate my mastery of the coaching competencies and formalize my coaching practice. 

I am passionate about helping people grow in the way that feels right to them. Perhaps it's professionally - get that promotion, develop that skill, resolve that frustration, start that business. Perhaps it's personally - improve a personal relationship, learn new ways to communicate, resolve that frustration, fulfill a lifelong dream, explore new options.

It's clear that personal growth impacts professional growth and vice versa. Example: "People at work don't take me seriously when I speak up." Once this client digs in, he might discover that he is not taking himself seriously and expresses this through his communications such as, "Maybe we should..." instead of, "My research/experience shows that we should..." When he addresses this style of communication, significant and immediate shifts can be felt in both his professional and personal life. In this way, almost all coaching falls into the category of "Life Coach" because coaching frequently positively impacts multiple areas of clients' lives. I consider myself a "Development Coach" because development of new skills, awareness, and possibilities is the work that I do with clients.

My role as a coach is to help you discover strengths or ferret out any obstacles that might be getting in the way of your self-defined success. I believe in "growth" (increasing range) instead of "change". I don't approach coaching from the perspective of "fixing what is broken" - I approach it from the perspective of creating opportunity and awareness because where there's awareness, there is choice.

I don't dictate outcomes. I don't offer answers. I don't tell you what to do. I DO help you discover what feels like a truly genuine way forward for you. I help you to determine the path and pace that is right for you to achieve your goals. My coaching style is a shared exploration experience.  Clients describe me as warm, engaging, open, authentic, down-to-earth, and easy to talk with. (References available, of course.)

Careers take winding paths (click here to learn more about my leadership journey) in this day and age. Mine has taken me to some exceptionally amazing places and I haven't regretted one moment of it. But what has remained steady and true from my first post-college experience running ropes courses and team building programs to my current private coaching practice is that listening deeply, asking powerful questions, putting aside judgment and assumptions, paying attention, and self-reflection are essential in the business of exploring possibilities and changing lives. And these principles are at the core of my practice of coaching, leadership, management, and life.

(*Note: Not all "certifications" are the same qualitatively. It's best to ask questions of any certified coach you considering engaging to learn about what organization backs the certification.)

"Polly's unique mix of emotional intelligence, business savvy, leadership skills, and can-do attitude was a huge asset to the organization (and to me personally) during the years we worked together. She's a natural leader who rolls up her sleeves and gets it done, all with poise, professionalism, accessibility and flexibility. She is highly attuned to interpersonal dynamics, bringing diverse groups together skillfully and defusing potential conflict with ease and humor. Polly taught me with patience and great care how to be a better leader within the organization!" -Laura H.

A snapshot of who I am...

I grew up on a small dairy farm in the New England foothills of Connecticut but have lived all over the United States (Maine, Montana, California, New Mexico, Maryland, Vermont - to name a few) and I am a 13+ year permanent resident on Cape Cod where I enjoy all the Cape has to offer year-round - especially kayaking, beach-combing and magnificent sunrises and sunsets. I am drawn to the shore constantly to see how the sands have changed where they meet the sea. 

I am naturally curious and genuinely interested in each person's unique experience. I am a wife. A mom. An artist. A photographer. A lover of music. A traveler. An adventurer. A life-long learner. And more...

Fun fact: I've been to every contiguous state in the United States (plus Mexico and Canada) but I have yet to visit Hawaii.

Why "Sandbar" Coaching?

Sandbars are constantly changing due to influences from currents, tides, and the perpetual motion of waves and water. Occasionally a storm comes through and changes a sandbar suddenly and dramatically. So too is the human experience. Every person, every interaction, every experience influences us grain-by-grain and occasionally, sudden changes happen causing us to respond and adjust. In my coaching practice, I believe in building the self-trust, self-awareness, and self-confidence to know that whether tides or tidal wave, you can weather the storm, learn from it, and grow from it no matter what.

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