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"In just a few short sessions, a foundation was laid for the rest of my life. How did this happen? The one trait that stands out is a factor that is so overlooked in today's society, and that is the ability to actually listen. No, I mean really listen. Polly has the ability to truly listen, which allows her to formulate the right questions, which in turn led me to solutions."

-Jim J., Life Coaching Client

"Polly helped me think outside of the box. She listened when I needed it most and helped lift my spirits when I needed some reassurance in my life. Polly left an impact on my life that I will never forget. I feel that I was fortunate to have had her as a coach."

Tammy K.

"Polly is a true team player. As a coach she cares about her clients and creates a trusting environment for them to reach their goals. Polly cares deeply about the growth of her team and the development of their skills. Polly will challenge individual clients, team members and the organization to always be their best just as she challenges herself."

Heidi Z.

"Polly delivered a custom-created professional development workshop on Mindful Leadership to my team. Polly is a talented presenter and her ability to connect with her audience resulted in a powerful learning experience for workshop participants."

Shannon L.

"Polly's unique mix of emotional intelligence, business savvy, leadership skills, and can-do attitude was a huge asset to the organization (and to me personally) during the years we worked together. She's a natural leader who rolls up her sleeves and gets it done, all with poise, professionalism, accessibility and flexibility. She is highly attuned to interpersonal dynamics, bringing diverse groups together skillfully and defusing potential conflict with ease and humor. Polly taught me with patience and great care how to be a better leader within the organization!" - Laura H.

"Polly is a creative visionary. She is an exemplary leader and can teach through ordinary moments. She is able to inspire and guide those she works with in productive ways. I have grown professionally simply by being in her presence. Polly combines her experience with her wonderful personality to be a dedicated professional. She knows how to look and listen deeply to understand the true meaning of conversations."

Cherish B.

"Polly is a natural leader! A skilled listener, Polly uses a curious, non-judgmental approach to understand others, support them and meet them where they are at. She is authentic, has a genuine concern for people and is adept at building relationships. In the time that we worked together at a fast-paced, ever-shifting organization, Polly demonstrated resiliency, poise, and a willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done. I appreciated that as a manager, Polly was approachable, trusted, had the backs of others, and made others feel valued."

Kerry C.

"Polly is a thoughtful and passionate leader. She has successfully demonstrated the ability to lead a large team while developing and challenging each individual. Polly is a talented facilitator of leadership and development training - consistently inspiring excellence from those around her. She is detail-oriented while also remaining strategic within the organization to ensure consistent alignment of efforts. Polly has been an inspiration for me personally."

Tess D.

"Polly puts her heart and soul into everything that she does. As a coach and a mentor, Polly is insightful, compassionate and inspiring. She doesn't shy away from the tough questions and works hard to hold herself and others accountable to their potential." - Sarah M.

"I was continually impressed by Polly's ability to combine respect and compassion for students with a clearheaded, no-nonsense approach to addressing unacceptable behavior. She was willing and able to have difficult conversations with students that cut through the excuses and denials, and at the same time helped students feel both heard and hopeful. In short, Polly is a remarkable person and a gifted coach. Even though I was technically above Polly in the College hierarchy, I was the one who learned from her."

Kate K.

Chief Academic Officer - College for America at Southern New Hampshire University

"Polly is an effective coach and mentor. While working together at College for America, Polly developed my leadership and management skills and helped me identify and nurture the individual talents of others on my team. She inspires confidence in others while challenging them to improve at the same time. Her calming presence and focus have left a lasting impression on me and my career."

Michael M.

"Polly is an experienced, dedicated, and passionate leader and builder of teams. At College for America, she worked tirelessly to build a coaching model that successfully helped working adults gain confidence and skills in a new higher ed model. Her programs helped the team leads and coaches develop their own capabilities and strengths so they could relate to and connect with students."

Kris C.

Executive Director - College for America at Southern New Hampshire University

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