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"Polly helped me become aware of when I was wrestling with my clients for control of the conversation or outcome. Noticing this in myself has changed how my coaching impacts my clients and has improved my confidence as a coach."  

- Robin L., Coach Development Coaching Client

Coach Development Coaching

Together we will work toward your desired outcome (e.g. becoming a coach or developing your coaching skills) over a period of 6 - 9 months. Through a series of bi-monthly, 60-90 minute coaching sessions, supported by email check-ins, and reinforced with real-time action steps and activities, I will help you create your path to success in your coaching practice. I will be by your side through the coaching process which we will co-create for you.

An example of the process looks like this:

Get Clear on Your Coaching Goals & Current Competencies: Together we will determine your strengths, obstacles, competencies and opportunities for growth. We will get clarity on what you want to achieve through coaching. This process will help us to create an actionable roadmap to meet you where you are and guide you to where you want to be as a coach.

Build Your Coaching Skills: Using the core competencies identified by the International Coach Federation, we will work together to develop the skills necessary to master the competencies and instill confidence in you about your coaching practice. We will either prepare you to attend a coach certification program or build on the skills that you have learned in a coach certification program. (The program that you attend is completely up to you. All ICF-accredited programs are shaped around the same core competencies.)

Feedback on Your Coaching: With your clients' permission, I will observe you either in person or on the phone in a coaching session so that we can identify areas of strength and areas of opportunity. 

Using insight from these feedback sessions, you will employ these skills with your clients and you will grow, develop and thrive through your thoughtful engagement in this process.

Evaluate & Recalibrate: As a successful and intentional coach, you will continually assess your progress and recalibrate as needs and goals grow and change. You will be confident that you are on the road to success!

(Note: I am qualified to provide this feedback based on several years of coaching and mentoring coaches as an internal coach at Southern New Hampshire University where I managed the development of over 100 coaches. I intend to become an ICF-approved mentor coach however, because I wasn't an ICF-accredited coach during my tenure at SNHU, my coaching hours there did not count toward the ICF requirements. I am happy to provide multiple references from coaches with whom I have worked in this capacity.)

Not ready to commit to a long-term program? I get it! Let's complete a FREE consultation to determine if my coaching style is suited to your needs. Please click the "schedule now" button to schedule a consultation.

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