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Thank you for speaking to our group today about women in leadership. I found myself nodding like a bobblehead because so much of what you have experienced is similar to my own path. I realized I'm ready to stop letting the obstacles stop me. Thank you!

- Christine M.

Speaking & Presenting Opportunities

I welcome the opportunity to speak to groups from youth to elders in professional or personal settings on topics that cover both personal and professional development. I am comfortable in living rooms, conference rooms, trail heads, classrooms, open fields, and or anywhere in between. No matter the setting, I will customize my material to meet your needs from informational to motivational and beyond. 

Examples of Topics for Speeches

  • Women's empowerment
  • Embracing a growth mindset
  • Developing your leadership style and presence
  • Mindful leadership 
  • Creating a culture of growth and development
  • Transitioning from traditional management styles to managing like a coach
  • Career transitions
  • The cultural impact of coaching on the workplace
  • Travel and finding your own path
  • And more!

Please get in touch to see how I can help!

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