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"Polly's training style is down to earth, clear and inspires thought and conversation. I wanted to jump out of my seat and start working on what I was learning right then!"

- Daniel C., Corporate Training Participant

Samples of Training & Workshop Sessions

Taking the "Ack!" Out of Feedback

Training format: Typically 1 to 1.5 hours

Workshop format: Typically 2.5 to 3 hours - 20 people maximum

What if your feedback process at all levels became easier – maybe even enjoyable – for everyone involved? We will explore ways to focus interactions on growth and development to make it a more useful tool toward getting results and eliminate the temptation to avoid issues.

Many people dislike or fear the feedback process so much that they avoid it as long as possible both as the giver and the receiver. Very few managers have been trained to manage the feedback process so that it becomes a positive interaction with employees rather than a negative one. All too often, because of these approaches, what started as a small problem is so large by the time it gets addressed, it’s much more difficult to correct. This session focuses on preparing leaders to address nugget-sized issues so they never grow into mountain-sized problems.

Leadership Journey Exploration: Develop Yourself, Develop Your Team

Training format: Typically 1 to 1.5 hours

Workshop format: Typically 2.5 to 3 hours - 20 people maximum

Leaders at all levels benefit from time to examine your current leadership style and presence to determine your direction and identify next steps. In this session we will actively explore the soft skills essential to advancing your leadership skills and how this will help you develop strong employees and teams.

When daily functions leave little room to consider who you are as a leader (regardless of your title), it can be challenging to give it the attention it needs to grow. This session will help leaders reflect on their current leadership style and presence and identify ways to cultivate their skills while still remaining productive and engaged in their daily tasks. We will explore areas such as mindful leadership, self-awareness, and vulnerability.

Introduction to Managing Like a Coach: 

Cultivating a Growth & Development Mindset

Workshop format: Typically 4 hours - 12 people maximum

It is widely known that coaching has a myriad of positive effects on organizations regardless of business type or model. Benefits include: improvement in the quality of work life for individuals; development of a supportive company culture; engagement of individuals by opening new possibilities and awareness; and boosting productivity and impact of the organization. Investing in employees will also help retain top talent and create a more agile team. By learning to Manage Like a Coach, managers commit to a model of supervision that creates a growth atmosphere, transforms co-workers into teams, and fosters a culture in which employees feel valued. By investing in the development of your employees and committing to helping them reach their fullest potential, people thrive. Incorporating a coaching mindset and techniques opens up areas of strength, develops areas that need strengthening, and provides opportunities that previously may not have had a pathway to rise.

This introductory session is broken into two parts

  • Part 1: Introduction of basic coaching skills that are appropriate in a management role. 

  • Part 2: Beginning the shift to managing like a coach by handling real-world situations with coaching techniques.

Polly is very organized and her focus is to have the audience walk away with a new and better perspective of the topic she is covering. I would recommend Polly to speak at your conference on any topics that would include self-assessment, team management and building leadership skills.

Polly's knowledge and first-hand experience in the Parks and Recreation field allow her to relate to her audience in a way that others (who do not have this experience) can do. This personal experience puts Polly above the rest in the Parks and Recreation speaking circuit.

Lisa T. -  Planning Committee Member, Northern New England Recreation & Parks Conference

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